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Alyssa Carey


I describe myself as an eclectic healer trained clinically in mental health. Prior to coming to the Capital Region for my Master’s Program at The College of Saint Rose, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Creative Arts Therapy at SUNY Potsdam. I believe my creative background contributes to my unique and successful approach in therapy.

I am open to one-on-one, family, and group therapy. I have a niche for working with children, youth, adolescents, college age students, and young adults despite also having very successful therapeutic relationships with people of all ages.      

I view healing as a journey that allows the client to remain the expert of their story while allowing me, as the provider, to join them alongside in their journey. My therapeutic nature is rooted in a Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectal Behavioral theory. My approach is holistic, and I prefer to work as transparently as possible. I am sensitive to cultural influence and am open minded. I enjoy learning with individuals who identify alternatively from societies norms. I seek clients who are open to learning about alternative & complimentary approaches within the field of mental health.

I have been involved within the mental health field professionally for 7 years and working clinically for the past 3.
School: College of St. Rose

Client Focus
Gender:  All
Religious Orientation:  All
Ages:  Children, Adolescents, Young Adults

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