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David Anderson,MA, mft
Supervised by Bea Hayes, PhD, LMHC-Lic#025487-01, NY

“Self-esteem is your capacity to recognize your worth and value, despite your human flaws and weaknesses. Your value as a person isn’t earned; it isn’t conditional; it can’t be added to or subtracted from. Your essential worth is neither greater nor lesser than that of any other human being. It can’t be. Self-esteem is about being, not doing. You have worth simply because you’re alive.”—Terrence Real


As a Marriage & Family Therapist, I believe that human beings are wired for connection. We all share a fundamental need to be seen, understood, and accepted. My hope is to support you in healing and transforming your life by increasing your sense of connection--with important others and with your authentic self. 


I’m a Los Angeles native and recent transplant to upstate New York where I received my Master of Arts in Couple & Family Therapy from Antioch University New England. I completed my clinical internship at Samaritan Counseling Center of the Capital Region where I discovered a particular passion for couples counseling and working with clients to improve their relationships.


Whether working with individuals, families, or couples, I strive to create a space that invites curiosity and exploration, where warmth and humor are highly encouraged. Are you navigating anxiety, depression, life transitions, or relationship challenges? Maybe you’re not sure exactly what is bringing you to therapy, but you have a sense that with dedicated time and space, you could discover a greater degree of resilience and meaning. We will use our time together in a manner designed to best support your specific needs. My approach is client-centered and incorporates elements of systemic modalities including Bowen Family Systems and Structural Family Therapy. 


I look forward to working with you in service to cultivating well-being, connection, and purpose.


Educational Background:


MA, Couple & Family Therapy, Antioch University New England

BA, University of Southern California


Client Focus:


Gender: All

Religious Orientation: Any

Ages: Teenage to geriatric 

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